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Image of Dimple
  • Image of Dimple

1.8 inches tall, ~3.1 inches wide
hard enamel
glitter details

No standards grades available instock :'( most likely not restocking because of high flaw rate
B grade: SGD $14.70

please note that actual colours on the pin may vary from the photo due to lighting and editing



Pin grading info:

Pins are graded relative to each other within the batch. PLEASE NOTE!!!! Pins are handmade, and no pin is 100% perfect or identical to another.

Standard grade pins are the "standard" of the batch. They may exhibit 1 or more minor flaws that are only visible under intense scrutiny, such as but not limited to: minor flecks in the enamel, minor scuffs or scratches, or other flaws that are not as obvious. The overall look of the pin remains unchanged.

B grade pins have slightly more obvious and noticeable flaws such as slight enamel overfill or underfill, miscoloured enamel, as well as scuffs or scratches, flecks in the enamel, or screenprinting flaws. These flaws however, will not change the overall appearance of the pin, and usually go unnoticed.

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